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Pastor Nam-Joon Kim's ministry can be summed up in two ways: a wholehearted concern for the revival of the Reformed church and the spiritual awakening of believers. Well-known for his voluntary submission to be a Christian in his early 20s, he is mainly pre-occupied with preaching, writing, and teaching. Having received a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology degrees from Chongshin Theological Seminary, he served as a full-time lecturer and an assistant professor at An-Yang University and Chon-An University. He is serving as the senior pastor of Yullin Church, planted by himself in 1992. His preaching is largely rooted in the Puritan heritage, which is abounding not only in teachings on the Bible but also in polemics against the popular trends of the time. Immensely popular as a Christian book writer on devotional as well as theological issues in Korea, he has written more than 50 books and has sold more than 2 million copies since 1995.


∙ Th. D. Cand., Chongshin Theological Seminary, 1990-1995
∙ Th. M., Chongshin Theological Seminary, 1990
∙ M. Div., Chongshin Theological Seminary, 1988
∙ B. A., Daehan Theological University(now, An-Yang University), 1985


∙ Senior Pastor, Yullin Church(GAPCK), 1994-present
∙ Assistant Professor, Chongshin University, 2005-present
∙ Assistant Professor, Chon-An University, 1992-1996
∙ Full-time Lecturer, An-Yang University, 1991-1992
∙ Ordained in The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea (GAPCK), 1997
∙ Student Pastor, Huam Church, 1992-1993
∙ Student Pastor, Naesoo-Dong Church, 1987-1992
∙ Representative Director, Songchu Post Office, 1983