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A greeting from a senior pastor

Welcome to Yullin Church

Church exists for changing the world which is an important task.
The world does not have a hope without Jesus Christ, and cannot come to God except through the Gospel. Therefore, church would believe the Catholicism of Gospel steadily rather than the specialty of next generation and pray by dreaming that the world is filled with the believers filled with this mind.

These days, the world needs a help from the faith in Christianity earnestly.
In addition, the Internet is another new field of mission which is open to us, and the field that the people can enjoy the word of God which satisfies the thirsty of souls regardless of the time and place, and another new fountain for souls.

In this place at any cost, I hope you find the way going to a true faith and the strength advancing to a holy life.

The hope of this world is Jesus Christ Himself. However this world would see Jesus Christ through you.

A slave of Christ,
Nam Joon Kim