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Vibrant faith

Be Blessed by God’s Word

The key to a vibrant faith is to be spiritually awake. Simply attending church without understanding and practicing God's Word is like living as a wild animal. Such a life is neither holy nor stable. Without a logical and systematic understanding of Christian faith, one cannot live a life endued with spiritual power and vitality, regardless of the person’s eagerness to exercise faith.

Live a grace filled life by:

(1) Listening carefully to each sermon and earnestly desiring to understand it.
(2) Keeping in mind what you hear.
(3) Prayerfully seeking God’s help to live under the word of truth learned from each sermon.
(4) Making every effort to practice what you have learned.

Practice a grace filled life by:

1. Always reading the Bible and meditating on it.
2. Following the clear and firm teachings from God's Word and putting them into practice in your life.
3. Avoiding distractions while listening to God’s Word being preached.
4. Not letting vain thoughts and drowsiness overcome you so that you don’t miss the main points of the sermon.
5. Memorizing or taking notes on the doctrinal outlines in each sermon.
6. Writing down what you found to be the most personally important points of the sermon or the answers to the problems that you have been experiencing.
7. Studying Christian doctrine at home.
8. Meditating on the sermon on the way home after a service.
9. Asking someone for help when you don’t understand, either a part of, or the whole sermon.
10. Reading books that cover the doctrines that you would like to learn about.
11. Praying diligently for wisdom and spiritual awakening.
12. Determining to practice what you have learned.