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Education Program

New Believers’ Class


We help weak souls who take the first step of the faith in order that they might stand in front of God.
We educate them to understand the doctrine and become true believers in order to have sturdy faith.
We teach the life of Christian in order that is applied to the life living with the doctrine and practiced.


Every member of Yullin Church trains true believers in holy worship service and a true shepherding, systematic fostering and training, and sets them up as servants in order that they restore a home, a school, a society, a homeland church, and the Kingdom of God through a divine life.

A practical strategy for mission accomplishment

We are to prepare exhaustively helping new believers who have never lived as Christians and never been in have not been educated about a systematic training of the faith in order that they live good Christians’ lives.


We foster new believers to grow up as true believers by teaching them about basics of the faith of Christianity and a foundational content of the life of faith, and lead them in order that they settle down in church and adjust well to the life of faith, and execute the training in one-to-one nurturing education in order that they turn their hearts to God and feel confident in redemption.

The content of education

1st step

Doctrinal class
Chapter 1 Finding the way
Chapter 2 The Bible
Chapter 3 God
Chapter 4 Human
Chapter 5 Jesus Christ
Chapter 6 The salvation
Chapter 7 Church
Chapter 8 Eschatology

2nd step

Living class
Chapter 1 The life of worship
Chapter 2 The life in the Word of God
Chapter 3 The life of prayer
Chapter 4 JChristian family
Chapter 5 The life in the society

New Members’ Class

The object of New Members’ Class

Everyone who registers to Yullin Church can join the class.

The purpose in New Members’ Class

  • The purpose is to help new members to accept Jesus Christ and have a confidence in salvation by being educated with a foundational doctrine of in the faith of Christianity.
  • The class lets new members organize basics of the faith of Christianity in an easy style. In addition, it helps them to settle down well in a district and church.

The importance on the education of New Comers’ Class

It is a basic course that registered members complete to become true believers, and is required that they are able to join various programs and trainings and to attend the classes of pre-baptism and baptism.

The curriculum of New Members’ Class

1st week The definition of the Christianity, a true religion
2nd week A necessity of the Bible(a revelation)
3rd week The existence and nature of God
4th week The purpose of creation
5th week NHNE-New Heaven and New Earth

The Class for the Growth of Faith

The object of Class for the Growth of Faith

The members, who register to Yullin Church complete 17 weeks of New Believers’ Class and 4 weeks of New Members’ Class after a registration, can join the class.

The purpose of class for the growth of faith

Registering to Yullin Church and knowing the purpose of God’s creation by studying in New Members’ Class and being confident in redemption by believing Jesus Christ as a savior mean that the journey of a new life begins. Therefore, a study of a concrete doctrine is needed increasingly. The curriculum of 15 weeks in the class for the growth of faith will help members set up the essence of faith in Christianity in knowing God.

The importance on the education of Class for the Growth of Faith

Members will learn essential doctrines of the Christianity, and experience the faith in spiritual awakening and a change of the life

The curriculum of the Class for the Growth of Faith

Section 1 (1~5week) Sin and salvation
Section 2 (6~8week) Experience the Cross
Section 3 (9~13week) Encountering God through worship
Section 4 (14~17week) The shepherd and the lamb
Section 5 (18~20week) The order of ecclesia and the governance of God

Doctrinal Class

The objective of Doctrinal Class

Members who complete the Class for the Growth of Faith of 15 weeks can join the class.

The purpose of doctrinal class

Members will experience the understanding of doctrine is instructive and powerful greatly in our actual spiritual lives by trying to apply contents of doctrine understood in our lives with the understanding of doctrine.

The importance on the education of Doctrinal Class

It is a systematic curriculum in density which members who complete the Class for the Growth of Faith must finish, and a foundation in order that they learn the sanctification class which is an intensified curriculum after the completion of Doctrinal Class.

The curriculum of Doctrinal Class(Textbooks)

Main Textbooks(Required) 「 A Summary of Christian Doctrine」 Rouis Berkhof | 도서출판 소망사
「 Manual of Christian Doctrine」 Rouis Berkhof | 성광문화사
Additional Textbooks(Recommended) 「 Redemption 」 John Murray | 성광출판사
「 Escape From Reason」 | Francis Schaeffer| 생명의 말씀사
「 Systematic Theology」|Wayne Grudem| 은성출판사
「 Institutes of the Christian Religion Vol. 1, 2, 3」 | John Calvin 존칼빈 | 생명의 말씀사
「 Reformed Dogmatics: Abridged in One Volume」 | Herman Bavinck | 생명의 말씀사
Additional Textbooks(Required) Readingbook 「 죄와 은혜의 지배 」 | 김남준 | 생명의 말씀사
「 하나님의 도덕적 통치 」 | 김남준 | 생명의 말씀사
「 구원과 하나님의 계획 」 | 김남준 | 부흥과 개혁사

The District Meeting

The purpose of District Meeting

1. The purpose is to evangelize sheep that are not of sheep pen and introduce the Christ who is the gate for the sheep,
2. And provide a meeting in order that they can experience that they are a part of the body of Christ,
3. And help them settle in church and experience the spiritual conversion and maturation,
4. And help them also to serve home and workplaces and church by loving and serving them,
5. And making them devote for enlarging the Kingdom of God by practicing the evangelization and mission.

5 examples of the community in The District Meeting that Yullin Church seeks

The District Meeting is the community of family in the heaven.

A visible church on the earth and an invisible church in the heaven are connected spiritually, and they become one community of heaven’s family who calls God as ‘Our Father in Heaven’.

The District Meeting is the community for sharing the truth and practicing it.

This meeting helps the members’ knowledge knowing God and grace are grown up through studying material of the District Meeting, and lets them reach the spiritual maturity by sharing the Word of God which they understand.

The District Meeting the alliance community that members experience the love of true believers.

The meeting helps members experience the alliance as a part of the body of Christ in the fellowship which they share the truth and love. We can have a fellowship as Christians, because we have a same life in us and know our status as a redeemed sinner in a same teaching and the fact that we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

The District Meeting the community of servanthood and a devotion

At each meeting, members pray eagerly for the spiritual recovery and growth of the District members, each family and church, church in motherland and a country, all nations. Church also fills the need of our neighbors in poverty in our local communities and becomes the community which practices the Love of God by healing their pain.

The District Meeting is the community of the evangelization and mission.

At the District Meeting, sheep that are not of sheep pen meet the Christ who is the gate for the sheep and have the spiritual life, and become the community which focuses on evangelization with all of heart and strength for living a prosperous life.