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Domestic Outreach Mission

I. Introduction to the ministry
1. Purpose
The only hope for the lost souls who left God is the Cross of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the purpose of this ministry is to let them become children of God by coming back to the Cross with the help of the Holy Spirit, and let the evangelists themselves have the heart of the Christ through the evangelization.

2. Goal
The goal is to help churches in the farming and fishing villages, and go to remote areas where there is no church and send the itinerant missionary ultimately after going to remote areas where there is no church. The churches in these areas are under the poor surroundings of ministry even if there are churches and pastors in the areas.

3. 3 year plan
Every year, Yullin Church does the work of evangelization in the cooperation through the farming and fishing villages pastors conjugal seminar.

1) Evangelization : Helping the pastors and congregation members in the churches in the agricultural and fishing villages restore the passion for souls and the evangelization and become proficient at the various methods of evangelization.

2) Nurture: Teaching them by supplementing the various methods of evangelization that is appropriate for the local situation, researching the methods of nurturing new believers who are evangelized.

3) True believer: Realizing nurturing new believers concretely and teaching them to live as a true believer.

II. The history of ministry (During 18 years)
In 1997, 12 evangelists went into Imsil (Deokchi Central Church, Rev. Jae Sil Lee) for 450 people of the target of evangelization in 9 villages

In 1998, 19 evangelists went into Jeonnam Jangheung (Lodging place: Dongsanan Church, Rev. Nam Kyu Cho) to preach the gospel and prepare the evangelism conference. 80 people listened to the gospel and some of them settled down in the church.

In 1999, 20 evangelists went into about 10 villages (500 residents) to preach the gospel while staying at a lodging place, Yongnam Church (Rev. Bang Hui Jung) in Tongyoung Gyeongnam.

In 2000, 50 evangelists were dispatched into Gyeongsand-Do and Jeolla-Do. 600 people received the gospel and 120 people attended the evangelism conference.

In 2001, Went into Deokjeog Central Church for the remote island mission trip. 20 people came to the evangelism conference in 7 villages. Afterward, 120 people attended the church.

In 2002, 30 evangelists went to Dongsanan Church in Jangheung Jeollanam-Do for the second time and preach the gospel. It was a second visit since 1998.

In 2003, 50 evangelists went on second outreach mission trip to Imsil Deokchi Central Church. A shaman got converted.

In 2004, evangelists evangelized in 4 areas around Chiljeon Church in Chiljeon-Ri, Euisin-Myun, Jindo, Jeollanam-Do. After 5 days of evangelization, about 100 people of the target of evangelization visited and listened to the gospel at the evangelism conference on the last day.

In 2005, 180 evangelists in young adult group was dispatched into 9 churches in Jindo, Jeollanam-Do. Evangelized in the cooperation with 10 churches in Jeonbook Imsil/Jeongeup, Yearnchun Gyeonggi-Do, Youngjoo Gyeongsang Book-Do in Central inland regions.

In 2006, Outreach ministry was divided into the evangelism for the agricultural and fishing villages and the evangelism for non-church areas, the evangelism for the remote islands. Overall, 704 people were dispatched to serve 16 churches and Jungsun area in Gangwon-Do. 955 people went to the evangelism conference.

In 2007, Outreach ministry became established as each district team ministry. Self-supporting evangelists who were dispatched spontaneously – 575 people for the agricultural and fishing villages, 21 people for non-church areas, 38 people for the remote islands (including children) – the total 634 people evangelized in 17 mission fields. They met 3,099 households, 6,000 people and preached the gospel. Among them 563 people were invited to the evangelism conference and gathered.

In 2008, from 27th July through 30th July, 470 evangelists were dispatched (412 people for the agricultural and fishing villages, 25 people for non-church areas, 33 people for the remote islands) in 18 mission fields. The total 2,595 households 5,000 people listened to the gospel. Among them, 500 people accepted Jesus Christ as their savior by listening to the gospel. 400 people came to the evangelism conference and listened the true message of the gospel.

In 2009, from 5th June through 7th June, 973 evangelists were dispatched to 4 churches in Gangwon-Do, 9 churches in Jeolla-Do, 5 churches in Choongchung-Do, 5 churches in Gyeongsang-Do, 1 church in the remote islands, etc., the total 24 churches for the evangelization. 2,127 people listened to the gospel and 856 people came to the evangelism conference, 597 people accepted Jesus Christ. (District 1 Gyeonggi-Do and Gangwon-Do, District 2 Jeolla-Do, District 3 Jeolla-Do, District 4 Choongchung-Do, District 5 Gyeongsang-Do)

In 2010, from 20th May through 22nd May, 989 evangelists (Adult 828 people, Youth 25 people, Child 115 people) were dispatched to 25 churches in agricultural and fishing villages, 1 church in the remote islands, non-church areas. The presentation of the gospel 2,741 people, acceptance 617 people, evangelism conference 1,130 people).

From 2010 to now, over 1,150 evangelists participate in outreach mission trip for about 30 churches annually and evangelize in cooperation with churches in agricultural and fishing villages.

III. The character of ministry
1. The Republic of Korea is our mission field.
There are remaining areas where the gospel of Jesus Christ was not sent such as further inland region, remote area, remote island. These areas were cut off from the gospel, even if there are few churches near the areas. Thereupon, Yullin Church goes to visit agricultural and fishing villages for evangelizing every summer.

2. The ministry focusing on evangelism alone
The feature of this ministry that has been proceeded for 12 years was to keep maintaining evangelization as its method, not doing farming activity or various volunteer activities. The evangelization that followed the direction of ministry of Yullin Church was most effective judging from experiences. For this ministry, we prayed for the residents in agricultural and fishing villages by calling their names and secured all maps of the villages. The core value of this ministry is that souls return to Jesus Christ by listening to the gospel and God is glorified.

3. A local church is our counterpart church.
Yullin Church considers that the evangelism in partnership with local churches is most desirable, because pastors of churches in agricultural and fishing villages have understood the local situation and been praying for the field. Churches in agricultural and fishing villages are counterpart church in ministerial cooperation.

IV. The benefit of ministry
1. The laity centered ministry
The laity leadership, such as team leaders in adult (men and women) group and young adult group, proceeds the ministry. 30-50 evangelists are appointed for serving one of churches in agricultural and fishing villages, and each of them takes a role. In this procedure, the laity are becoming a leader by serving responsibly in the center of ministry.

2. The collaborative ministry between adult group and young adult group
Adult and young adult learn a lot of things and experience in a collaborative ministry. Adult group is challenged by the purity and passion of young adult group. Young adult group is affected by the maturity and devotion of adult group.

3. The maturity of faith through the practice of evangelism
Person who participates in the ministry firstly might have a difficulty on evangelism. Among these kinds of people, there are members who have never evangelized. However, they benefits while evangelizing on outreach mission trip. Firstly, they can search their hearts. Secondly, they might have joy for evangelizing. Lastly, they can see what God works.

4. Experiencing self-reliance of Churches in agricultural and fishing villages
We could see their gradual changes through outreach mission trip in most churches in agricultural and fishing villages where Yullin church cooperates with. Pastors and members in local churches evangelize autonomously and participate together for erecting church by being challenged in God’s grace.