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Vision and Mission


“35 Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. 36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matthew 9:35~36

What is a vision of Yullin Church?
  • We who get changed through Jesus Christ becomes true believers (Jesus),
  • Embracing fervent love of the LORD toward lots of souls who stray and wander such as a lamb without a shepherd (he had compassion on them),
  • Teaching a clear truth or the gospel (teaching in their synagogues),
  • Preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth (preaching the good news of the kingdom), Restoring lots of souls who die and suffer in a sinful world according to the original purpose of creation (healing every disease and sickness among the people),
  • Becoming a church that enlarging the Kingdom of God (Jesus went through all the towns and villages).
What is a mission of Yullin Church?
Every member of Yullin Church trains true believers in holy worship service and a true shepherding, systematic fostering and training, and sets them up as servants in order that they restore a home, a school, a society, a homeland church, and the Kingdom of God through a divine life
A practical strategy for mission accomplishment
  • We are to become true believers who experience an actual meeting by actively having holy worship service in the church.
  • We are to become lay ministers who actually serve a district meeting and newcomers by participating in fostering and training implemented in a true relationship of sheep-breeding which was made in an arrangement of the LORD.
  • We are to have a family worship service in a home to share whole-hearted love fostering and pray continually for accomplishing a proper mission in front of God and raise servants of the Kingdom of God by fostering with refinement and discipline of the LORD from childhood.
  • We are to practice Christian Values in a workplace and keep duties of true believers and engage in works with faithfulness, a love, devotion and expand an influence of Christian by activities in Christians meeting in workplaces.
  • We are to pray for salvation in the neighborhood by having a district meeting and live an exemplary life to actively devote to district evangelization and a local volunteer activity.
A community that Yullin Church seeks
  • The worship community inspired with a holy worship service.
    Yullin Church has an impression with personal meeting with God through holy worship service. Church members are to live to overcome dark and rough world in a provision of the grace of the Holy Spirit and the life poured out through a service of worship.
  • The truth community with a clear proclamation of the gospel.
    Yullin Church has a defile proclamation of the gospel and a teaching about the truth. It is the truth community that builds a bridge in order that a lot of souls meet God personally.
  • The love community with warm hospitality
    Yullin church has a heart of the LORD toward a flock of sheep which strays and wanders without a shepherd. It is the love community that practice warm hospitality and serving.
  • The discipline community standing true faith
    Yullin Church trains a strong spiritual soldier and a true believer through true shepherding. It is the discipline community which stands every church member as true believers having a true faith in order that they might please God and bear the divine fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • The mission community with a passionate mission
    Yullin Church has a passionate mission toward souls who are still outside the church. It is the mission community that leads lots of souls dying in a sin to the bosom of the LORD with His borderless love.
Right people as a true believer in Yullin Church
  • The beginning of the spiritual birth
    A true believer declares Jesus Christ as ‘my LORD’.

  • The aim of character
    A true believer sets the whole sanctification as a goal of life in order that resembles the image of the Christ and His whole character.

  • The aim of ministry
    A true believer sets restoring the original purpose on the creation as a goal of life by participating in the expansion of the kingdom of God which is the ministry of Jesus Christ.

  • The life of lay minister
    A true believer seeks divine life in order that recovers the original purpose on the creation, in home and an office, school and a workplace.

  • The accomplishment of vision
    Therefore he or she grows into a true believer in every sphere of life and participates in the great dispensation of God which restores the whole world on the earth as the original purpose on the creation.